I believe there is nothing we cannot achieve if we truly have faith in them.
Faith. Not goals, targets, or whatever which tend to lead towards misinterpretation to something we “have” to achieve.
Even if I want to change the world, I believe I can.

Most of the time I get the cynical expressions. A lot. The question of why(s) arise.
Then I answer, why wouldn’t I?
If not now, when?
Now is always the perfect timing.
If not me, who would?
(now, “me” here, is not “me”—only. It refers to every human being)

Then, the hardest part comes.
Its when I get the question from myself: “Who do you think you are to have such thoughts? Such dreams? Such visions?”
Then I answer, shut the f*** up, who do you think you are?

I have a faith. Why should I worry?
And why, should I not feel grateful for what I have? For life?
Everyday should feel like a bliss. Not should, but everyday is a bliss.
I don’t care if this is self-proclaimed or whatever. I know I’m feeling better. I know I’m getting better. I am certain I am getting somewhere.
I am getting to know myself, a little more better. 
That’s what matters the most. 

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