Dear God (and Spirit),

I pray to keep my vision ever before me.
I ask you to bless my journey.
I ask your divine helpers to protect me along the way.
I ask my inner guides to lead me forward.
I pray to the soul that is within, without, and everywhere,
That I may know myself as holy, and as whole.
To give me clarity in mind and heart.
Release me from my confusion, which is born of the past.
Let me be renewed in your ways.
Let me hear the voice of silence.
Let me see what cannot be seen.
Let me feel your faintest touch.
Take this stiffness from my heart.
This is all I want or have ever wanted.
Make a secret pact with me.
Let someone in my life feel your touch, as I feel it myself.
I ask you to take your hand in mine.
I have seen this world through your eyes.
I have loved others as you would love them.
I have entered creation and played to my heart’s content.
Breathe in me, today, tomorrow, until my body dies.


--Deepak Chopra’s--

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