Where R We?

This book successfully answered my ultimate question of” What Am I doing here exactly?”.

274 pages, and this is what I'm thinking of, and what I came up with:

We want to believe that there is some ultimate answer to end our questioning. To believe that science will come to a full stop is to crave the certainty of an ending; it is to believe that there are laws of nature that fully describe the Universe and that these laws can be found out.

Does natural selection become the ultimate law of nature?

To be concerned about mankind’s fate to the ends of time is a cover for that eternal dread: of our own mortality. We don’t worry about the early days of the Universe when we didn’t exist as humans, just as we don’t worry about our non-existence before we were born. So why are we so exercised about what might become of us in the far reaches of time, except out of a vain desire to control the fate of the Universe itself?

History comes to an end where it meets the present, the point at which the story meets the story teller. Now, are we living in the history? Or are we the story teller? We tend to find ourselves within both timeframes; undifferentiated between past, present, and the future.
It’s only a time frame; yet those are the ones that kept us “un-moved”. Doesn’t time supposed to be dynamic? If we are standing still or in our present moment, does time stop?. So, time is just an illusion?

It is predicted that the scientist who has climbed the highest peak may find “as he pulls himself over the final rock, that he’s greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries ( Robert Jastrow, physicist).

I am here
You are there
We are everything and everywhere
They are Us.

Science, art, religion, philosophy, must all eventually meet up.

The Universe, is indeed, portable.

(A Portable History of the Universe, Christopher Potter,2009)

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