Sustainable mindset @work

There has been a disconnection between environmental issues and sustainability at work. How many people are even aware of how much energy, water and other resources they consumed daily? Also, how many are aware of the impact of these types of consumption on biodiversity or ecosystem services or future generations?.  If, people were aware of their personal impacts on sustainability, how many would care enough, and have the necessary action skills to substantially change their consumption patterns at work?

A future community that is able and willing to make decisions about their consumption and production patterns and life style and work style choices is very much needed. The strategy should be for the whole community at work, and should address the need for community-wide re-thinking, innovation and change if we are to have fulfilling and sustainable life styles and work styles in the future. This requires not only the development of knowledge and awareness, but also values, attitudes, skills and the involvement and empowerment of individuals and groups on a large scale.

The strategy should be for a change toward environmental sustainability in the holistic sense, with an emphasis on bringing much closer together the current range of education and behaviour change initiatives on different sustainability issues. It should establish a comprehensive framework for strategic guidance and coordination of the wide range of possible learning and behaviour change programs and processes for sustainability.

These, cannot be achieved simply by information transfer and depends on a rich range of learning experiences including engagement, problem-solving and reflection, has to be achieved with long-term, intensive involvement in learning and action. Active involvement and a sense of personal responsibility and ownership –learning and action best happen together. Critical thinking--where people learn to constructively question the direction and sustainability of their lifestyles and consumption patterns and envision their preferred futures, continual improvement–responsive to changing circumstances and always looking for better ways to take action , a shared vision and goals and a cooperative, collective effort and sense of teamwork among all those involved – are very vital.

If u claimed yourself a green-collar worker, how do u work exactly?

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