Musicians vs Scientists

Is there anything in common? In a total different perspective, offcourse. They both have laboratories//recording studios,supervisors//record labels,research projects//EPprojects, formulas--equations//chords, tools—microscopes//guitars. They both are insanely creative and out of the box thinking-mind set. They do not think their occupation as a job, rather something they cannot live without. I don’t think they consider it as an occupation; it is who they are.

There are many musicians who are also scientists, vice versa—but I’m not referring to them here. I’m talking for those who have full time profession as musicians or scientists—if, profession is what they call it. For me, I think, to have both skills—like really true skills—are just genetically impossible, or just probably the most genius person alive (how to use right-and left brain optimally at one time?).

The phenomenon here, is musicians and scientists are in a totally different world, well this is true, but not so much. They both create massive contradictions, ridiculously genius talent (or thoughts)—and seeing from the object; which is science and music; as one say, science is objective, experimental, quantitative; sense experience—indeed all mental experience—is subjective, experiential and qualitative; where music, I think is also experimental, and quantified!. And, if they want to be extremely good at what they’re doing, and to get the acknowledgement from the community, they have to be in a serious-total-dedication. Like, able to bring an alteration to someone’s life.  

But seriously, if u’re stranded in an island, who would you rather be with? Kurt Cobain or Stephen Hawking?  :D

Music and science, both, are revolutions. Long live musicians and scientists!

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