The Valley of Confusion

Interesting issues to think about :)

"The whole world has gone mad, or is it just me??"

At least that’s what you’ll be told to, or I’ll be told to. We are told by the therapy world that we are no longer dissatisfied with our lives, even dysfunctional! like the effect of psychological science, broken marriages, rising suicides, worries about health, dying, general anxiety and depression.

The most natural thing in the world is for our mind to believe in something. Our beliefs control our behaviour, they motivate us and shape what we will and will not do. When we believe in something, we act as if it were true, such as there is God, etc.

The power behind anything that I do in life lies in my beliefs, it is THEY that command me. I create my reality according to my beliefs, and I make my own world, there are no limitations to the self except those which I believe in.

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