Environmental Change: Is It A Reaction From Human Actions Or Is It Just The Way It Goes?

To discuss about this topic, I really do not know where to start. Simple reason. It is a huge topic, yet too boring, some people might say.

There are still many pros and cons about this topic. Some say the environmental or natural disaster come from human activities, so it is just how nature reacts from what people have done. Yet, some people say that it just how the way it goes, the earth is “growing up”, so does everything inside it, the creature, the nature, and the weather, all of it.

Well, I personally think it is both ways. There always be reaction from action, and, also, everything are evolving, even nature.

Some even say environmental issues or problems are not actually environmental issues; they are more likely involved politics, money, power, or just some scientists founding who are just trying to be “known”.

But what I personally do believe is, and I am certain of this, is that our environment is not evolving itself; it is how people treat their surroundings that can actually make things change. Pollutions do not exist because the temperature of the earth is getting higher, or water pollution does not occur because the water itself has gone bad from the source. It has to be something else. We people are contributing for what are actually happening. We people, as the highest, smartest creature that God creates, we who control all of it. Not the nature itself.

The problem is, how and what should be done to start to make people think, at least start to cross their mind: “What have I done? What should I do?”

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