I don't know if I think what I think I think

While i was at the book store, out of nowhere an interesting book caught my eye yesterday. The titled was “Do you think what you think you think?” . First impression of mine was: “sorry, say it again?”. Then i looked again just to make sure if it was the right title. It was indeed. I thought, the author must be some kind of genius since the title itself is a three degrees integral, or so can I say so. 
Even if someone asks me: “Do you think what you think?” I think I cannot answer that slightly.
My mind went everywhere, and am still now. One thing I know for sure and I’ve always known that I am a thinker. Not likely in a scholar kind of way though; but yes I think too much most of the time. Even when I think, I sometimes think that why would I even think about that?  It is very stimulating (then again, I am thinking).
Human brains are very specific, very interesting to learn, and superior I must say. It controls the whole body system. The way we talk, the way we walk, the way we speak, literally everything. I don’t believe in mood, it’s all come from our mind, our brains. I think mood comes when your inner heart and your brain doesn’t cooperate in some point.  
An interesting conversation I had with my dear sister (and yes, she is also a thinker, and no, it is not a disease). So we were talking about what is a power of energy anyways? Do we even will get a positive feedback if we think and act positively? . She said it is more than the power of mind; I agreed. When we think positively, so we are also thinking that everything is positive. It is our mind who controls it. Not the power, not the energy, not the mood, not the people.
So the question arises, how can we control our minds? I don't really think we can. You can’t control your brain, but you can control one thing for sure: you can control on how you want your brain to work. I think the best way in doing it is by learning by focusing, and keep on focusing by learning, and then you’ll grow eventually.  I think we can control the biggest voices in our mind. Those voices who kept telling us what to do, what not to do, what ifs, why so, and so on. After all, it’s all in our own voices. It is that simple.

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