The Loss of a Nation

I remember when I was in elementary school, how we used to study and remembering all of our heroin, histories, Pancasila and Bhineka Tunggal Ika  as our National concept. It is sad now I even can’t remember most of it. I think this is because it somehow just vanishes within our era. Era of technology, a revolution of media, political chaotic.

I was very amazed when I read the history of gender colonialism in Dutch history. Kartini is one good example on how we should fight for our beliefs. Her writing clearly demonstrates liberated visions on gender equality, and women specifically, to have a better access towards education. Such vision was shown in one of her letter “We are not giving battle to men, but to old moss-grown addicts and conventions that are not worthy…

Talking about education, former vice president Moh Hatta once stated that our challenge after 25years of independence is: How to adjust the education for children, youth, and the people, to meet the country's development needs?. Even when I saw demonstrations, it just felt wrong somehow. People began to question, what are they looking for exactly? Justice? Truth? Freedom of speech? The collateral damages are not worth the efforts. This is just my personal point of view.

We are losing our National identity. Students are talking about social networks; people are talking about money, politics, and position. Girls and young women are arguing about what is the next fashion trend going to be like. Men are worrying about their personal egoistic achievement. Yes, it is true the world is evolving. But we do still need our principles, right?  Otherwise we’ll get lost within our loss.

Maybe we forgot, or even we do not know, that We, ARE the future leaders.
It is our call, to re-shape, and find our lost nation.
Every one of Us is contributing. No exception.
As spelled out by Prof Emil Salim: “What is black is black; white is white; say it as it is..

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