The Paradox of Faith

I believe there is nothing we can’t attain if we truly have faith in them, though I sometimes feel that “believe” is such a clear-cut word. At least, I know deep down inside I do feel and know that I truly believe in faith.


Some people might refer it as religion, as believes, as idealism, principle, or even fanaticism; or anything else which somehow perceived as “strong word”, like “power”. When I think of faith, somehow it is automatically connected to goals, targets; yet ironically those words felt “individual”. Half of my thoughts wander in how different they are, yet so similar. Most of the time I do feel that goals or target will most likely lead to misinterpretation to something we “have” to achieve. Whilst, oddly, this obligation on the word “have” is closely related to faith. Even if I want to change the world, I believe I can. I do.

Goals and targets are the preconditions of faith. Are they?

They’re part of my faith, my believes, my power, my self-control, my supremacy, my religion.

For long time, I’ve had my goals, at least I think I know I do have them; doesn’t matter how small, how big, how odd, how unrealistic it might come, how general and how boring it seems, or being interpreted as jokes. 

I have my faith. They’re the ones who kept me alive and alert. The question then, why there are still questions rounding in my head? Why should I feel worry? Anxious? Doubtful? Are these just fragmentation of thoughts? Imagination? Are they? 

They’re now seemed falling apart. Sinking back to the point of having faith beneath faith.

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