I can (or might) find answers to questions in terms of life in general (perhaps..). But once, someone asks: “what is your life’s true purpose?” or, “what is your heart’s deepest desire?”.. these, are hard. It’s not that I do not know, it is because I think I know the answer, I just don’t know if it is the right answer or not. As far as I know, these kinds of Qs do not just pop up like that, and we can’t just have some s*itty answer. I know what I want to be, what I want to do, but are they actually my life’s purpose? Or just my egoistic desire to fulfil my place in life itself?

The sad things is, sad sad thing, we are in fact in an era where people are suffering from feelings of disconnection from life’s deeper meaning. Me, you, we, are the people. I just hate the way people are judging life based on what they’ve become, based on what they’ve been through, based on what they achieved, based on something measurable. Maybe the un-measurable things are actually what life is. Maybe, to know what life is, we just have to throw away the “measureable” factors. Like they said, “we can’t control something we can’t measure”. So life become sucks when we just try to control it. I guess. So F*** it.

What can we expect from life? What do we want from life? What can we control from life? These are just wrong wrong questions. Maybe it is the other way around, what can we actually give to life?

Don’t be selfish.
Life is just life.

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