Yin and Yang

Women will say: “It’s the cheese, but it’s not the cheese” Then Men will say: “What the hell do you want Woman?” Truth is, it is an interesting question for us also, since mostly we, Women, do not know what we want. We hate drama, but the fact is Women create drama, like it or not. It’s just like a never ending story between Woman and her craziness, and the art of a silent Man, or An inconsistent Woman, and a confused Man—funnily quoted by J.Morris & Jenny Lee (who I found truly amazing, they are partners and they wrote this ridiculously intrigued book about Men and Women!—Women are crazy, and Men are stupid)

So what is the gap? Is it the gender equality factor? Is it because  Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars? (never read this book though). Orrr… as they say that Women tend to use their feelings rather their logic; whilst Men mainly use their logic. I don’t necessarily agree with this. Men do cry, and Women do think and use their rationality often (too often in my case, haha). Though I gotta admit that Women well..maybe cry a little bit more frequently and quite easy, sometimes habitually. Okay, we do cry effortlessly. Even just by seeing a part of movie act, such as Titanic (call me cheesy, but I cried like a baby), or a song lyric (moved by Secret Garden-Bruce Springstein’s). There are moments when feelings beat logic, or logic beats feelings. It works both ways, so I think no need to argue about this particular signify.

Then why we don’t have a book called “Man who love too much?”, yet we have, lots of books about “Women who give too much”, or “Women who love too much”, --you name it. Probably because Women are not afraid to express their feelings. There again, back to the “sensitive” part again, when Women cry a bit easier than Men (okay, a lot easier). Perhaps it is also the “motherhood” sense that God gave Women, where Women have to be able to cope with all the phase of motherhood, from giving birth, to raising the child. I’ve always been curious of what it will be like to give a birth to my own blood. The father’s job is to take care of his family, to guard his family. So do Men to Women. It is their job to protect us, guide us. It’s not that we are not capable to take care of ourselves, but we do need someone to be our pilot. That is God’s will. Men are physically stronger than Women (scientifically proven), so enough said. But the tricky part is when Women start to feel too comfort, too secure; then there goes the part when Women can be terrified of being abandoned, then.. Women will do anything to keep the relationship from dissolving, and Women will be addicted to emotional issues, unfortunately. (this is not scientifically proven, but 100% true, “the need-to be needed factor”).

I am not saying that Women and Men have the same feelings, or so. If that so, then why God create us to be a pair? To match each other? It is the Yin and Yang factor, I think. Doesn’t matter which one is the black one, or the white one. It’s just a colour to differentiate. It’s how we know, able, and successfully understand about her-or-him. We live to compromise, we have to compromise. No need to debate about the gender. Even “non-straight” people still, do have issues. So, compromise, accept the circumstances. We all have our own concerns.

We are all, every one of us, full of horror.
If you are getting married to make yours go away, you will only succeed in marrying your horror to someone else’s horror.
Your two horrors will have the marriage; you will bleed and call that love
-Michael Ventura “Shadow Dancing in the Marriage Zone”

A real Superman is not afraid to stand next to a Superwoman!, and together they’ll stroke the world. Though I am not a Superwoman, but I want to be a Superwoman to my family, one day J (ngayal)

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