Less thinking equal more assuming
Minus thoughts equal plus assumptions
Which one’s better?

And they say we must stop thinking
That means thinking what we think we suppose to think
Assuming things
If I do so, then what are we?
Doesn’t anything supposed to be spontaneous?
Maybe the concept of thinking is not thinking in a way a dictionary would say
Thinking is spontaneous, gives the itch, adrenaline
Keeps us alive

Don’t argue this, not trying to point anything
Not trying to prove anything to anyone

People are shaped through their minds
And they say we shouldn’t change a thing

Is it just me or are we in an era where mankind remain unfulfilled?
Always wanting more than he can have?
Is it human nature?

It is all in the state of mind
And if the mind is jailed, then what now?

And they say true knowledge exists in knowing that we know nothing
See, the point is when we know nothing we are forced to think what is that we don’t know?

Tell me, do you think this is anomaly?
In theories, everything should be better in a state of normal
Then again, define normal??

Am I getting the wrong assumption here?
Am I getting the wrong perception here?

Everything is best to keep it simplified
Wait, is it in theories?
Wait, don’t they say to stop thinking based on theories?

It’s been this way forever
But nothing can’t last forever

It’s just all over the place. I’m doomed.
I’m sick of getting my hopes up for nothing

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