Q vs A

Do we have to have the question in order to get the answers? What is an answer anyway without a question? Do they equally matter? Or the question itself matters the most?

It has been argued that it is an unidentified sign, what so called. How we make meaning of the process is what matters. Questions, more often, are answered with more questions.

But do we (unconsciously) get the question from the answers that we want to hear instead? Again, for most people, yes, the validation factors. But not if we keep an open mind and sincere heart. What’s important is the “seeking”, not the “finding”.

So the challenge will be, how to differentiate between what we want to find, and what we want to seek? I do not have the answer. There is no exact answer to this particular question. It is proven that question arises more question. From there, we (might) find the answer.

Thank you, Ka Ina, you are truly my inspiration J

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  1. Ah, but I'm an unidentified sign. You made meaning out of what I said.