Dear Engineers,

Engineering education today needs to have several extents in addition to the traditional mathematics and science application skills that have been the foundation. Graduates with engineering background are expected to have not just a formal education, but it is a combination of technical knowledge gained in university courses and also management skills acquired. Through this perspective, leadership traits play a role as the channel. There again, I am talking about how important leadership is.

As environmental engineers, we have to be passionate, committed, and not just about accepting environmental challenges, but finding solutions to achieve the desired outcomes, to take a lead step and make  environmental innovation steps, or act as a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of environmental invention to engineered environmental systems. We have to face responsibilities for environmental management in ourselves, our organization, our community, our country, our living planet.

Environmental management is actually a field that encompasses a surprising array of disciplines, where wide variety of backgrounds is evident in the resumes of people engaged in environmental work. That is why, communication skill is essential. ( I myself, still find this, a bit hard).

As it said: ‘Learning about leadership and developing as a leader from critical life experiences comes from awareness of one’s own identity, personal values, beliefs and passions; leadership is a learning journey’

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