Yes, green. Then what?

Are we aiming for conventional green building, or high performance green building?

Now is not just about conventional vs green building, or conventional vs smart building. Yes the building is green, but how green? How green is the performance? Is a rating tool based on scoring system capable enough to present the performance measurement? Justifying this approach somewhat is more complex-- analysis wise.

There are 2 approaches to this matter: using simulation tool (improved-broader rating tool), or research and development (R&D) based on best case studies. Maybe, high performance building should be able to address also the societal-more complex issues. But before that, an excellent economic analysis from energy savings, water and waste water savings, health and productivity benefits, emissions and solid waste reduction, benefits/costs from commissioning, and also maintenance, repair, and miscellaneous benefits/costs—all have to be quantified.

To express whether a green building is a conventional green one or a high performance, through an economic analysis -- is the challenge. 

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