Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

There has been a trend of change from the conception of government to governance, where the operation of the service is no longer dominated by one party such as the Government. The implementation of PPP is based on principles such as equity, transparency or clarity in every step taken, and also sustainability with good intentions to achieve sustainability practices of the activities, with the provision that puts the transparency and competition.

PPP scheme normally has a core group consisting of government, donor organisations, private sectors, NGOs, and also community based organisations. The goal is to accelerate the process of delivering messages to the entire region to support the government through the partnership mechanism. Along with the increasing understanding of the importance of partnerships, the support programs are also varying. Initially, building trust and setting up partnerships with a wide range of organisations should be the main focus.

The challenges is the fact that the regional focus of the private partner is not the same as the roll out of government, or not all of the local NGO partners are ready to become the government partner. Involving business sectors also require efforts, both from the government and business. There are some concerns that corporations would promote specific brands using CSR. Businesses also had concerns about partnering with the public sector, such as being exploited and the different cultures and style of work.

Government leadership of the PPP ensures that the program will continue over time. However, government needs to manage its budget so that it is less dependent on external funding. Whether it has the positive and negative sides, PPP is a new developed scheme in terms of cooperation; all the stakeholders bring contribution to the program through different events. All the necessary synergies between the sectors have to be handled. NGOs, private sectors and individuals also have to be participated. The clarity of roles for each division is very important and should be clear to avoid overlap and conflict that will degrade the performance of each institution. Improvement of government management through partnership development with the PPP should be able to bring changes within the work culture.

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