Factor 10 and MDGs: in a quest for sustainable future

MDGs, we are all aware of, at least most of us have heard the term. But Factor 10? This is new for most of people—or not, since it has been published since 1990s. Factor10 implies that to attain sustainability and environmental protection, we need to reduce resource turn over by 90% on a global scale, within the next 50 years. As such, to achieve that, we have to achieve a decrease in energy use and material flows by a factor of 10, and also an increase in resource productivity/efficiency by a factor of 10. This is a bit extreme, yet it is a part of EU policy (not sure how is the implementation going)

Factor10 and MDGs are both aiming for long-term future directions. Factor10 focuses on energy and resource use reduction. Perhaps it will be hard to be implemented if institutions, privates or governments paralysed it with its short term programs. It can be a part of factor10, in a way of actions towards it. Whereas, MDGs covers almost all aspects, not just environmental-concern issues, which ranging from economic-health-environment-to PPPs. Both, indeed involves certain targets to be achieved, but MDGs covers broader subject-to every country, mainly developing country including Indonesia to reach certain targets in 5 years-time.

Factor10 is now influencing change to a sustainable system of production and consumption. Whilst MDGs is influencing global economic development, to reduce global poverty. If, factor10 is mainly for developed countries and MDGs is for developing countries, so I guess this means that developing countries actually have more influence-global wise?

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