Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

ESD plays a huge part to prepare engineering students before they enter the work force after they graduate. The term sustainable must become a part of the concept from which engineers wish to create. For instance, if they want to create new discovery which environmentally friendly, then, not just sustainability that have to become part of their considerations, but also it must become part of their everyday thinking. ESD provide engineering students to really understand about the concept of sustainable development and how it can be connected with every aspects of engineering area.

There is a difference between education about sustainable development and education for sustainable development. Before applying ESD, I think it is essential to recognize what sustainable development is, and also the term of environmental education. Environmental education is an essential part of ESD, where it is an essential component of ESD. ESD gives considerations of social, political, and economic aspects, not just the environment like environmental education does.

As for the term education about sustainable development, it involves only the general context of the issue, not as far as education for sustainable development does, where it implies on how to apply, design, and operate systems or concepts which are sustainable. Sustainability concepts take account of future generations’ needs in social, natural, and economic systems; whilst sustainability solutions deal with the position and responsibility as engineers in supporting sustainable development, to make sustainable decisions.

Not all engineering students had a clear understanding of environmental issues, a good idea of sustainable development principles, or environmental tools and technologies related to it. A proper education for sustainable development such as additional teaching and electronic learning resources needs to be delivered.

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