Do you ever feel like you just truly do not know what to say, what to feel?
It is one of those moments when I feel clueless for what I’m feeling right at this moment. I don’t know what is happening somehow.

Like now, my hands just keep typing, I am fully aware of that, but I am also fully aware that I am not fully aware of what I am typing right at this moment.

Recently I came up with this one idea: I think the purpose of life, is to understand that we are in search of answers, which by the end of the day, the answers are just to convince ourselves that nothing is certain—subject wise, object wise. We as human keep questioning this and that, and trying to find the logical reason (or answer) behind what we think is un-logic, or what we think, is a question.

Just like science. Statement from Steven Weinberg -- a theoretical physicist -- that Science doesn’t make it impossible to believe in God; it just makes it possible to not believe in God—somehow feels true. What is science? What are scientists looking for exactly from their researches? Answers? Or to raise other questions? Or just to find some logical-measurable-quantified-explanation for things that they are basically not sure of. I’m not trying to point out something here, I’m just wondering what they actually do when they do what they do. This is why; I think it is important to optimize the balance between the performance of the left and right brain. Otherwise, scientists will just work in one part of the world. Which, to see how the world works, depends on the perspective. Again.

Nothing is sure. Everything is bias. And this is not a horrific thing. Like this: Two things that really cannot be separated, but are often separated, are science and nature. This happen often  because “nature” itself it is something we are unsure of. I don’t know what nature truly means. In science, nature can be mysterious, but not permitted to be mystical (C.Potter). The phenomenon within humanity is that science can explain everything.

Is it?

So are science and nature, both, in fact, uncertain things?

In life, I think it is more important to find the direction, rather the destination. But how to find direction if we don’t know where we’re going? this is when we have to grasp the idea of “direction” itself. Going nowhere? Doesn’t matter I suppose. It’s the process of “going somewhere”. Try type “direction” in thesaurus. See what pops up.

I don’t know what I’m talking here. Nowhere and everywhere.
But I’m here. Fully aware. 

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