Green ICT

IT is something we are all aware of, but what is ICT? Or even, green/cool ICT? It is a term in referring to product, applications, or methods which have the potential to exponentially reduce CO2 emissions. ICT refers to Information and Communication Technology. 

When we’re talking about green, we are talking about environment. The connection lies within the impact of the specific products, impact on the surroundings as a result of usage of the particular products, also the socio-economic and structural changes that its usage could result in.

The development of green concept for ICT began since (this is just my personal analysis) E-waste has become issues, and issue for the tendency of high energy usage from the product emerges (Globally, energy consumption from the application of ICT can reach 40% of total energy consumption), and also to switch high-cost-advanced technology of ICT to long-term investment of ICT products.

To implement green ICT, doesn’t necessarily always have the meaning to improve the efficiency of ICT infrastructure (using energy-efficient resources and equipment), or to improve the efficiency of ICT operations (using advanced cooling technology and power generation equipment)--only.  But, encouraging conservation with here end-users and consumers of ICT is the cheapest and easiest approach. They must be motivated to conserve energy through schemes such as rewards/penalties, or to say, campaigns. Increasing social awareness through policies and communications to explain the urgency of the issue and urge conservation, such as from trainings; with 3 key points: Green acquisition--buying greener equipment, Green use--maximising the lifespan of ICT equipment & delaying obsolescence and understanding renewable energy production methods, and Green disposal--responsible disposal of the products.

Implementing Green ICT -- getting less carbon footprint, energy use and e-waste --achieve maximum efficiency -- achieve environmental sustainability -- achieve economic benefits at the end.

It’s that what you want, true?

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