Beyond Green Building

Interdependency is very crucial to understand building, built environment, and the whole ecosystem for the process of buildings. The question is, can we prioritize issues?

Creating green building for new buildings is all about urban design decision; while the green design itself is all about integration between the people and resources within target setting and site selection, design and planning, construction and post construction, towards operation and maintenance.

The new paradigm in green building certification is that people are more attracted to the performance. The higher the rate or score is, the more it is being valuable. Moreover, the concept of cost-savings or cost-based is now switched to performance-based. Does it mean aiming more for external branding image?

My principal is, doesn’t matter what the purposes or intends are, the important thing (at least for now)is whatever makes people moving and get going to implement the green concept. From that initial stepping stone, people will start to think beyond green building.

What is beyond green building? Socio-economic? Life cycle analysis? Risk analysis? Sustainable community? Can green building concept act as one stone or foundation to foster environmental improvement in all issues?

Maybe it might seem too broad to be brought of within Indonesia. Maybe we can start to think in strategic simpler ways by focusing on the categories or issues. For instance; when we’re talking about innovations and inventions, those things are still standing within the “grey area”. People will have to start to think that innovations are not just about technology (let say technology-based renewable energy). Regardless it can capture both ways; it is not the only solution or approach. But how to measure innovation with the absence of subjectivity?

Let the building (and time) speak for themselves to the people and urban environment.


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