Have we forgotten what we have been fighting for?

When you heard about the term “green” or “sustainable” or “environment”, or “environmentally friendly”, what pops up in your mind?. Some people say climate change, some reducing pollution, some will say energy efficiency, some will say just other shitty crappy words, none of their business.  

Mine is nature. Balance between nature and humanity. Balance between the living and the non living. Balance between positive and negative energy. It might sound weird, but it’s perfectly make sense for me.

The term itself has a gigantic scope. It involves all aspects from technical issues, social issues, human, animal, economy, political, religion, any kind. Aspects which have always been debated for years. It all comes in one circle. Have you heard about green economy? Sustainable community? Green politics? Maybe it’s just another term, a movement, a trend, but look beyond that. Why do certain people keep connecting it with those words? I think it’s because like it or not, we are dealing with the nation where everything has become ironic, connected, crashed. And yes, environmental has become an emerging issue.

How so? Well, it is time.

For instance, restoring forests and planting trees on farms can greatly improve food security, and then improve nation economic stability, political steadiness, reaching a sustainable community, so everyone’s happy. What I found is that the trend now is business sectors are in call for actions to support MDGs. MDGs is not made as a formality actions; it is a declaration for every nation. Note that. Take that seriously. People oftenly mistaken; messed with the statistical matters, on how many percent is our country has been able to achieve a certain target of MDGs?

What are the movements saying to us anyway? Some people are just still looking for the money, power, fame, targeted market; which those valued only because they expect that it will make them profitable, a better community. But do they? Using the terms for other expectations. Another reason. Caught up with the targets, the goals, but what actually we have done in reality? Have we done enough? Nothing much I suppose. There have been too many distractions.

When are we going to get over the idea that those terms are just a trend? When are we going to get over the idea that those terms are just said by scientists? When are we going to get over the idea that those movements are just being spoken by crazy environmental activists? It is how we respond to those issues that determine whether we will profit from the movements or be caught up by a nonsense debate. Such a Waste of time.

There’s no difficulty we cannot overcome if we work together, have a specific line between what we want, what we need, what is obligated, what has to be achieved, and what has to be targeted. Think global. Do not act because you think it is necessary. Do not act because you think if you do not do that damaging things will happen. Rather, act because you believe that greater things will come if you do so. Act because you think it is the best and right thing to do. Think and see differently, from a total different point of view, outside the result, beyond the reason.

It may seems hard, impossible, but why not? Words are just words if there are no actions. Nature and humanity cannot be separated.

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