Sustainable School: the simplest way to implement this (at least I think so)

The aims and hopes from this are basically to identify the behaviour of all school staff to bring out environmental improvements on daily work activities to enhance a natural motivation to act in an environmentally responsible way and increase the leadership attitude internally within the staff; also to demonstrate a good image of the School, to stand out as the Sustainable School.

Communication, behaviour, cultural issues and shared buildings are the major things that have to be focused on in order to implement a sustainability plan. In particular, the school’s executive needs to be committed to educating and encouraging staff to support green practices in the workplace. Several suggested communication tools can be as such staff internal e-mail (personal e-mail), staff engagement by staff retreats, staff meetings, rewards or intra department competition. A staff survey is also suitable for identification of environmental staff behaviour, which will focused on paper usage, electricity and water use, vehicle use, the current practices of catering, video conferencing and also bulk printing. 

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