Learning from Prof Emil Salim's leadership traits

A good leader has to be consistent from the very beginning of his journey. It is not just about his determination, but also his principles. He has to be dependable, and steadily focused on the problems, without having too much interruption that can affect his own ideologies.

Prof. Emil Salim is not born with leadership skills, yet he is simply just a person who is passionate and willing to do the small things that make big difference and make impact to other people. Although there were times where his perspectives sometimes affected by political views, but with his inventive thinking, charisma, general intellect and emotional intelligence, he was able to made many achievements, received high acclamation both from national and international, and the most important thing, made an impact on people’s point of view with the environment and raised people’s awareness to environmental issues, including myself.

Dr Salim’s leadership traits, his ability to communicate with people enables the effective communications initiative factor where organisations must have. With his passion, social skills, he contributed greatly not just to the creation of sustainable development concept, but maintains people’s trust through his charismatic performance and communication.

Leadership traits should be developed more and consider it as essential part in engineering practice nowadays as new essential elements in addition to the traditional mathematics, science, and engineering studies, in order to take a lead role as engineers.

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