I (wish) never ever think of this. What?

Randomly, I bought a book that wasn’t even interesting at all, at first. For its cover, the title, pages, you name it. Going through the book, I stumbled as I can’t stop reading it. 82 pages, one hour reading, and my guess, will be at least one month thinking. Dear Lord.

So it goes like this:

“Why do we read books? What do we seek through millions of pages? Couldn’t it be argued that all books are intended as answers, though only a few of them state the question? Isn’t it in the nature of human beings, to search for answers? Don’t we need to ask questions in order to get answers?

There are great writes who do not ask great questions, but are they considered great thinkers?

Does it all come down to the six questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Was it really believed that the answers to these six questions made a complete story? Or are there other questions, questions that are more complex. For which there is no consensus on answers, or questions whose answers are so troubling that we keep asking them as a way to avoid the answer?” Mark Kurlansky’s What? –genius

Damn it.

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