Energy vs Green Buildings

In the future, I think renewable energy resources will not only be significantly attained, but also will be at the highest demand. For instance; in the terms of sustainable and green buildings, renewable energy will be highly expected. 
As we all know, surprisingly, buildings consume a high cost and number of energy consumption through its activities. In fact, the majority of environmental pollution comes from building activities (World Green Building Council). So the question arises is how to lower the environmental impact from buildings.
Many practitioners nowadays are starting to develop a new approach by using renewable energies. Whether it is on-site renewable energy or off-site renewable energy, they both will improve a significant amount of energy efficiency and conservation; thus will achieve minimum building energy performance, and the most important thing will achieve less energy emission. In fact, through the correct renewable energy resources, technologies, inventions, innovations, policies, methodologies, we can create minus/negative results for energy consumption.
As an example, a case study in a school building in France, started from the concept of green building, to a smart building, then developed plans for optimization by using renewable energy resources to achieve negatives results for energy consumption (Green Building Asia).
 Renewable energy resources, however, will only achieve its highest performance if performed by correct approaches. Starting from identifying the needs of economic level, market transformation and technology transfer, policies and techniques. The political and financial aspect also cannot be excluded, such as incentives system for the implementation such as rebates, taxes incentives, or even initiatives from the energy company itself might be needed.
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